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Featuring: Fushimi Saruhiko, Anna, Awashima Seri, Suoh Mikoto.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, only did a small favor of translating. 

Anna: K radio drama #8, Stuck.

Fushimi: Yes yes, I understand, does it have to be me to do that?  Can’t you get someone els- I understand, I’ll do something about it.

Fushimi: Tsk, so troublesome.

Fushimi: No, it’s nothing. 

Fushimi: Ah~ it’s so damn hot. Guess I’ll buy something from the vending machine.

Fushimi: Hmm?

Fushimi: You? Are you Anna?

Anna: !!

Fushimi: What are you doing over there?

Anna: Nothing really.

Fushimi: Seriously what are you up to? Stuck perfectly between the two machines..

Anna: I’m not stuck.

Fushimi: But you-

Anna: I’m not stuck.

Fushimi: So you’re not stuck?

Anna: I’m not stuck.

Fushimi: Then it’s fine if I don’t help you?

Anna: Oh.

Fushimi: You’re being silent there?

Anna: I don’t mind if Saruhiko wants to help.

Fushimi: What an uncute brat.

Anna: Since I’m not really stuck.

Fushimi: I see.

Anna: Yes.

Fushimi: Then I’m going to go now.

Anna: Eh?

Fushimi: What’s do you mean by ‘Eh?’ I don’t have to help you right?

Anna: Do what you want.

Fushimi: I’ll do just that. I don’t know the reason why you are stuck but just wait until those morons come to save you.

A: Because.. I’m not stuck.

Fushimi: It’s not of my business. I’m already one of Specter 4, I don’t have the obligation to save someone from the Homra.

Fushimi: Still, where the hell are those idiots in times of needs? Even though they’re always spouting those nonsense like bonds and comrades. They should just hurry and save her.

Anna: (sobs)

Fushimi: Argh, what the hell dammit.

Anna: Saruhiko?

Fushimi: This is impossible under normal circumstances, damn I should just cut it.

Awashima: It’s Awashima, what are you doing Fushimi? I strictly told you not to get side-track.

Fushimi: Aaa no, I wanted to asked for permission to draw- 

Awashima: What’s your reason? I won’t allow it if it’s dispute with the Homra.

Fushimi: Uh, there’s a kid in trouble and I want to help her.

Awashima: Fushimi.. wants to help.. a kid? 

Fushimi: That’s it.

Awashima: Fushimi,

Fushimi: Yes?

Awashima: You sure got guts to prank your superior, I’ll get you to write your death will as your reward so get going, that’s all!

Fushimi: Ahh, why did it turn out this way?

Anna: Karma?

Fushimi: Shut up, who do you think it’s for- 

Fushimi: Aaa, draw you hand back , I’m going to move the machine, use that chance to get out. 

Fushimi: Be sure to say it if it hurts.

Fushimi: H-how is it? Do you think you can get out?

Anna: No, it won’t even budge.

Fushimi: H-H-How this then?

Anna: It’s no use.

Fushimi: Shit!

Anna: Saruhiko! Are you alright?

Fushimi: Just how heavy is this machine?

Anna: Your shirt got dirty.

Fushimi: It’s no big deal.

Anna: But!

Fushimi: Be quiet, you are drenched in sweat too, just how long have you been stuck in there?

Anna: I wasn’t stuck.

Fushimi: I get it already. Your can move your hands right? Drink this.

Anna: Thanks.

Fushimi: One more time, yosh.

 Fushimi: You…little…shitty…bastard!

Mikoto: What are you doing? (RIP earphone users)

Fushimi: Urgh…Shut up… Don’t talk to me now! 

Anna: Ah! Mikoto.

Fushimi: Miko- HUH?

Mikoto: Fushimi and Anna huh? That’s a strange combination.

Fushimi: M-Mikoto-san-  Suoh Mikoto.

Mikoto: So, why did Anna get stuck?

Anna: I wasn’t stuck. 

Mikoto: Hm, it doesn’t matter. I just have to move this right?

Mikoto: Move aside Fushimi.

Fushimi: !!

Mikoto: Here, get out.

Anna: Thank you Mikoto, but you went overboard.

Mikoto: Really? I guess I’ll put it back.

Fushimi: !!

Mikoto: Then, let’s go.

Anna: Ah, wait a minute.

Mikoto: Huh?

Anna: Saruhiko.

Fushimi: W-what is it? 

Anna: Thanks.

TsunFushimi: It’s not like I helped you, I just didn’t like that machine. And I did nothing. In fact, i couldn’t do anything. 

Anna: But still, thanks.

Fushimi: Tsk.

Anna: Saruhiko’s clothes got dirty.

Fushimi: It’s fine stop it. More importantly, Mikoto-san is waiting, hurry and get going.

Anna: Un, then, see you again Saruhiko.

Fushimi: Tsk, don’t call me by that name.

Mikoto: So why did you get stuck?

Anna: I wasn’t stuck.

Mikoto: No matter how you see it, you were perfectly stuck-

Anna: I didn’t get… stuck.

Mikoto: I-I see…

Fushimi: Darn, I looked like a fool. Even getting my clothes dirty, breaking into sweat and in the end, she got saved by the king.

Fushimi: Really, I’m like a fool. Worthless. 

Fushimi: But still, why did she get stuck? 

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